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Check Out Chuck!


Do you know Chuck Johnson?

Chuck is a martial artist, actor, and model, originally from Okemos, Michigan, and now living in Tokyo.

Here is an excerpt from his website: “Chuck Johnson is an action film actor based out of Tokyo, Japan. He is the first African American to make an international name for himself in Far East Asia’s action film industry and also the first American be trained extensively in the art of Katana Tate (Japanese theatrical swordplay) in Japan.
His life in martial arts began when he started Olympic Taekwondo training at the age of 15. Within 2 ½ years, he had earned his 1st black belt, and less than a week later, he became the Michigan State Junior Olympic Champion in both sparring and forms for his age and weight class.

Chuck is tentatively scheduled to come back to Michigan next summer. In addition to acting, Chuck is also an author for a martial arts blog, Gaijinpot. Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out:

Here’s his demo reel video:

A quick listing of his action film and video credits include:
Godzilla: Final Wars, Director: Ryuhei Kitamura
Death Trance, Director: Yuji Shimomura
Geki Rangers the Movie
Silence in Sorrow Teaser, Director: Go Ohara
Mystery on the Boat, Director: Syuichi Sae
Pass Guard Action Team Live Show, Director: Tanaka
and check out his website for more…..

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And here’s a link to a short film with Chuck, titled Yassy, click here.


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