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Kevin Taylor Interview and metal trash can breaking

Monday, 6 January, 2014

Kevin Taylor is the founder of the WSBBA – World Speed Brick Breaking Association. Here he talks about his style of karate and demonstrates a breaking technique on a metal garbage can. Taylor holds world records with Guinness and Ripley’s Believe It or Not for breaking feats. Filmed at his school in Warren, Michigan, in […]

Interview with Chuck Johnson

Friday, 27 September, 2013

What are the important lessons you learn in martial arts training?

Friday, 27 September, 2013

In this part of an interview with Lansing-area martial artist T. Kent Nelson, the topic of lessons learned is discussed.

Aikido Demonstration in Ferndale

Thursday, 19 September, 2013

Larry Castleberry demonstrates aikido techniques at the Ferndale Public Library, Saturday September 14, 2013, as part of the Ferndale DIY Festival activities. More info at

Bang up job, Kevin! – entry into Ripley’s Believe it or Not! book

Thursday, 19 September, 2013

Kevin Taylor takes his feats of cement breaking onto the Ripley’s world. Click here for the full story

Classic Cane Fighting Seminar – June 23, 2013

Thursday, 13 June, 2013

One of the most practical modern day personal protection tools is the classic cane. Innocent looking, legal to carry, and easily available in a variety of styles, the cane provides you with the ultimate in personal protection. WHAT: A one day, two hour hands-on introductory sampler on the no-nonsense tactics of cane fighting. Participants will […]

More Stick Fighting Drills for Martial Artists

Wednesday, 17 April, 2013

In this video: Tapi-Tapi,attack block, four corner entrance drills, and techniques in motion are some of the stick fighting drills that Craig Sira covers in his martial arts classes. Sira is the owner and instructor of The Academy Martial Arts and Fitness in Midland, Michigan. Part of an interview shot at his school in late […]

Focus on these 5 attributes in your martial arts training

Tuesday, 16 April, 2013

New video features Craig Sira from Midland, Michigan, demonstrating the five key attributes that he focuses on with his students; explosive power, timing, accuracy, flow, and intention. Sira is the owner and instructor of The Academy Martial Arts and Fitness in Midland, Michigan. Part of an interview shot at his school in late 2012. Video […]

Interview with Craig Sira

Sunday, 24 March, 2013

Do joint locks work in a real situation? Is there a faster way to dispose of your attacker? Craig Sira provides an overview of an attack and what it takes to get to the assertive stanceā€¦and then beyond it to surviving the attack. Move it! Craig Sira advocates training with more motion to accomplish a […]

Interview with action film actor Chuck Johnson – making martials arts movies in Japan

Saturday, 23 March, 2013

You can learn more about Chuck Johnson at his website In this interview Chuck talks about his experiences filming action movies in Japan, where he currently lives, and filming in the U.S. Chuck is originally from Michigan. When it comes to fight choreography what is the difference between movies shot in the U.S. and […]